Updated April 2021

For everyone’s safety, comfort and convenience ASURE PRINCE motor lodge have implemented the following for the various levels - from Level 4 through to Level 1.

Contactless Arrival and Departures                                                               

Having pre-charged your Credit Card, we advise you via telephone or email of you room number, its location, and where to find your room key – and provide a receipt in the unit.  We also provide information about your accommodation that will help you to be comfortable for your stay.   On your departure their is a drop box available by our Reception entrance door.      

When Restuarants are operating but not fully open, 3 of the 5 we work with for charge-backs can provide take-away meals - and all three offer a delivery service to PRINCE.

Alternatively, PacknSave is within comfortable walking distance, and the Z Station across the road from PRINCE can provide Bread,  Milk, and other basics - as welll as Fuel

The above options will be available for all Levels, including Level 1, just email or call us a day prior to make a request


Our Cleaning System is at Health Care Standards

ASURE PRINCE uses the chemical free ENJO Cleaning System which is imported from Austria.  While only using water from the tap, Enjo is exceptionally effective, and with your health and safety in mind, we share the following information - to assure you of its effectiveness in situations such as Covid-19. 

Hans Hirschman, Federal Hygiene Inspector, Vorarlberg, Austria has recommended the use of ENJO in all health care facilities and notes that disinfectant need only be used in surgical theatres. 

Our staff are well trained in the use of the ENJO system, and at Level 3, and 4 - even when only in other Regions - take further precautions including regular hand washing and thorough drying for each unit, then using hand santiser, and wearing gloves and masks.


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